Multi-Grain Bread Machine Mix:  We have adapted our original blend to include four whole grains:  wheat, corn, oats, and rye.  This is sometimes called Pilgrims Bread because it uses all of the wholesome ingredients our forefathers knew best.  A delicious combination of flavors.

18 oz. pkg.     $3.69









Honey Wheat Bread Machine Mix:  This blend of our finely ground red wheat flour and white wheat flour makes a deliciously light 1½ lb. loaf of wheat bread.  Adding honey to the mix makes a moist loaf that is fine-textured and rises well.  You won’t believe it is wheat bread and it’s been a blue prize winner at our local fair.  

16 oz. pkg.     $3.29


Cracked Wheat Bread Machine Mix:  This delicious loaf of wheat bread is similar to the Honey Wheat but with the extra goodness of crunchy bits of the cracked wheat kernel for a country taste. This loaf meets the demands of those who want their wholegrain breads hearty and full of texture.

18 oz. pkg.     $3.49 


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